Brick commuters, rejoice!

As the years long construction project to open the Herbertsville section of Brick to Parkway commuters both ways has marched toward completion, the opening of the new north and southbound interchanges a few weeks ago were welcomed enthusiastically, but construction vehicles still choked traffic on Burnt Tavern Road and Burrsville Road in particular, as they put the finishing touches on the new traffic pattern.

This week, however, it has come to fruition.

The jughandles, my friends, are a thing of the past on Burnt Tavern!

Previously, if you were on eastbound Burnt Tavern and you wanted to get onto Burrsville, you'd have to take a jughandle by the old Parkway on-ramp, next to the rescue squad.

Westbound, if you wanted to hop onto Lanes Mill Road north, you'd have to take the jughandle at the Santander Bank to come back around.

Either way, from there you'd have to hope that someone turning or going straight would be kind enough to let you in (or, as I've seen all too many times, you could of course just squeeze your way in whether the others wanted you to or not).

But now, there are dedicated left turn lanes and lights on both eastbound and westbound sides of Burnt Tavern (with two turn lanes on the westbound side).

It'll go a long way to easing backups from the former jughandles, especially at the heavy commute times.

Not to mention the fact that it'll also eliminate the drama of clueless out-of-towners blocking a lane of traffic with their left turn blinkers on, all the while being watched over by a big "NO LEFT TURN" sign.


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