Let's be honest - driving in Ocean County can be a bit of a challenge. But if you're well prepared, it should go pretty smoothly. So what advice would you give to our fine summer guests?

Here's a tip that I gave to a visitor over the weekend, and it's pretty simple:

Follow The Signs.

I was at a light next to a driver from New York. She rolled down her window and pleaded for me to help her get onto the Parkway.

She couldn't grasp why the Parkway entrance was on the left, but the signs told her to go straight. I explained that she had to go straight through the intersection, make a right, and then come around to cross the intersection.

Yes, the infamous New Jersey jughandle.

After I explained what she had to do, she looked at me like I just spoke to her in Ancient Greek.

I explained it one more time. She again looked at me like I was nuts.

It was right about this time that the light turned green and we had to start moving. So I gave her one final instruction:

"Follow the signs".

I know it may not make sense to have to go straight in order to get to a destination on your left, but the signs are there for a reason - to help you get where you're going.

So what tips would you give visiting drivers? Tell us in the comments!

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