This is a topic we have seen more recently, the topic of holding parents responsible for the actions of their children. Does it seem like an obvious topic, maybe it's not. Recently parents were held responsible for their son's murder of several students at his school and now face jail time. Obviously, this is a much more extreme crime than breaking a curfew, but it is a way of showing how parents are being held responsible for the actions of their children. It also brings up the question how long do parents need to be accountable for their kids? Is it 18 when they become adults or is it earlier at 16 or 17?


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North Wildwood is the town in Cape May County that is looking to possibly impose a $250 fine for parents whose children break the planned 10 PM curfew. According to Patch, "Children supervised by parents, traveling to or from work or participating a school, religious or recreational activity will be exempt, the ordinance reads. Parents who knowingly let their kids violate the curfew will face a $250 fine. The ordinance is slated to be voted on at a May 7 council meeting at 10 a.m. You can read the full ordinance here."



If the ordinance passes it will begin May 15th for those under 18. Several Jersey towns have curfews for children including Wildwood, Long Branch, Ocean City, Toms River, and Lavallette.


How do you feel about juvenile curfews and fines for parents? Post your comments and suggestions below. Should ALL towns in New Jersey have "juvenile curfews" and "parental fines" for violations? 


Curfew Fines


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