For out of state drivers, the "No Left Turn" signs that we see on most major intersections cause quite a bit of confusion. Another traffic idiosyncrasy that causes consternation to drivers, both local and visitors - the dreaded traffic circles. So today I'm asking, which is worse?



When it comes to the no left turn rule, it's mostly non-locals who have the hardest time. But as a result, it can be both frustrating and dangerous to those of us who are used to the "go right to turn left" mindset.

The problem comes when you get someone sitting in the middle of a major intersection with their blinker on, thinking that they can simply cross directly through traffic.

Best case scenario, you'll get a lot of people blowing their horns (and probably sharing some colorful analysis of that particular motorist's driving skills).

Worst case though, it could cause a major accident if the driver does indeed follow through and crosses the highway.



If I personally had to choose which is worse, I'd go with circles. It seems like there isn't a standard system to them. I travel through the Route 35 circle in Wall pretty often. There, you have yield signs telling drivers who has the right of way.

But it's not like that at all of the traffic circles at the Jersey Shore. There are a number of times where you either have a confusing collection of arrows and signs, you have to follow the flow of traffic to figure it out, or you just hit the gas and hope for the best.


In the end, Ocean County locals all know how jughandles work. It's a way of life here. But circles can be an "every driver for themselves" type of situation. So I'm going to go with traffic circles being worse.

What do you think? Comment below and chime in!


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