Details are sparse, but it looks like a fellow Dinosaur has time traveled to stand in the place of the famous Bayville Dinosaur that has been taken down for repairs after his entire head fell off.

The adorable inflatable replacement was spotted by a fellow concerned citizen and posted to social media. It is not known how long the brave dinosaur plans on spending there (or if he or she is even still there), but the picture is quite adorable.

We here at 92.7 WOBM have a mascot named "Obie" (for obvious reasons) and he looks exactly like the dino in Bayville!

Obie The WOBM Dino (Mark Anthony, Townsquare Media)
Obie The WOBM Dino (Mark Anthony, Townsquare Media)

All joking aside, for anyone who lives or frequents in Bayville, the Dinosaur is an iconic addition to the town and we are all very excited for it to come back.

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