Yesterday, Tuesday, September 6th, 2022, was the first day of school for Bayville students in Berkeley Township.

There was some excitement in Berkeley Township with a possible incident with a gun and no one knew what was going on. This occurred close to CBW Elementary School in a neighborhood right next to the school. Click here to read more about this story. Before school even started and right before the students were entering the building for the first time since summer, the school was on lockdown.

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I can't even imagine being a Mom of a Kindergartener and getting on a school bus for the very first time and what they were thinking in these crucial moments. What happened and why I'm saying "Thank YOU" to our fabulous police department in Bayville, all the buses that were supposed to come to CBW (Clara B. Worth School), went to BTES (Berkeley Township Elementary School) for safety.

Ingram Publishing, ThinkStock
Ingram Publishing, ThinkStock

It was smooth, very much under control. There were a couple of Facebook posts about it and it remained very calm. I'm sure though, that a Mom and Dad of any student at CBW were not feeling calm at that moment.

I have this giant platform to write about anything I want to in New Jersey and Ocean County. Let's do some good here and give "huge" shout-outs and "big" thank you's to our police department in Berkeley Township. To feel safe and to know that it was under control at such a vulnerable time for everyone in Berkeley, yesterday morning. For all the parents, me being one, I can't thank you enough.

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