Another nice edition in Southern Ocean County as the Wawa re-opens in Little Egg Harbor Township. I reported a few weeks ago that the Wawa on Mathistown Road in Little Egg Harbor was going through a remodel and I’m happy to report it is reopened and looking good.

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Amazing how quick a total renovation can happen. The “new” look super Wawa looks great and even though it is the same size, it looks bigger inside. Crazy how a new look adds space 😆

The Wawa was closed for couple of weeks and reopened a few days ago, Inhad a chance to go in check it out this week. The new look has an expanded take out area for ordering food and a new coffee and drink section.

What is your favorite thing at Wawa? for me it's simple, it's coffee ☕️. I really enjoy Wawa coffee and we discovered their coffee ice cream is made with Wawa coffee and it's very good. Besides the coffee I’d say I enjoy the Wawa hoagies. I do refer to them as “subs” but I when in Rome :) Wawa hogies are tasty.

So if you are in Southern Ocean County swing by and check out the new look Super Wawa in Little Egg Harbor, it's looking good 👍


Wawa Little Egg Harbor

Newly Remodeled Wawa in Little Egg Harbor Reopens

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