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This time around, we found ourselves in Monmouth County and we were on our way to Lincroft when we spotted this beautiful church in Marlboro. I wasn't familiar with this church, but it looked beautiful and we decided to turn around and go back to grab some pics of this wonderful brick building.


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The church we spotted was St. Gabriel's Catholic Church 100 N Main Street., Marlboro NJ 07746 ...... it is a beautiful brick building and it has some historic roots in Monmouth County.

The church came into existence as more Catholics populated the area between Freehold and Marlboro and in the early 1870's it was evident that another catholic church was needed to help with area residents, who at the time probably attended mass at St. Rose of Lima in Freehold. Under the guidance of Father Frederick Kivelitz, the new church was built, St. Gabriel's, in 1878 and is listed with the Marlboro Township Historic Commission. It is a beautiful church and next time in the Marlboro area please take a moment to swing by and see this beauty for yourself.

It's a fantastic church that is now 143 years old and another great piece of New Jersey history and right here in Monmouth County :)

I took photos and you can scroll through and see below, lets us know if you have any memories of St. Gabriel's and share in the comment section below.


St. Gabriel - Marlboro

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