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If you are looking for a fun Autumn / Halloween event, then you might wanna take a ride on the Great Pumpkin Train with Delaware River Railroad Excursions.

The Great Pumpkin Train  ride is a fun family activity and this past weekend April & I made the trek to Warren County for the train which is based in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Phillipsburg is about a 2 hour ride from Ocean County. The town itself reminds me of “old” New Jersey, a look of the 50’s with the architecture, bridges and downtown area. Phillipsburg is located right on the Delaware River, so if you make a wrong turn you end up in Pennsylvania.

Shawn Michaels

On the Great Pumpkin Train you take a ride on a locomotive along the Delaware River. The train goes out to the corn maze & mine and then returns with a stop at the pumpkin patch. The corn maze was fun and we did manage to find our way out. The mine was fun with a little background on the mining history in Warren County and a chance to pan for treasures. We found some cool keepsake gemstones including some ruby pieces.....not enough to retire, but I’m too young for that anyway :)

Was very cool touring the inside of this train built back in to 40’s and 50’s with some newer pieces engineered in the 80’s. The company follows ar CDC rules and you must have your mask and practice social distancing. You can sit with the company you come with. They disinfect the train and have hand sanitizing stations at various points. I really thought the double decker train car was very cool. The Great Pumpkin Train adventure ends November 1st.


The Great Pumpkin Train


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