Top 5 Foods Stolen at Work!
Top 5 Foods Stolen at Work! Everyone has had something swiped at work, your food that you bring in and someone helps themselves. Is it they forget it's not theirs or they just needed to have that yogurt!
Things You Can Do At Work To Pay It Forward Today
It's World Kindness Day so I've decided to blog about kindness. It's such a wonderful thing. And it is contagious! Yet don't you encounter a lot of grumpiness and stress each day? If we could all set out to do some random acts of kindness today, that might help chase away the…
Bring Your Dog To Work Day: Pros and Cons
Today is Bring Your Dog To Work Day.  It's a relatively new thing that is catching on.  Apparently Millennials LOVE having their pets with them as they work and a lot of workplaces are allowing them.  If you're allergic or afraid of dogs, stay with me...
Prefer In-Office Meetings or Online?
When I’m not on the air at WOBM, I am working in the voiceover business.  I'm often hired to record narration for eLearning modules.
Have you ever used an online training program?    Perhaps at your job you were required to take on online course about compliance, o…

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