It's National Boss's Day so if you are a boss, I hope you take some time to celebrate your accomplishments.  Managing people can be a tough job so if your employees are happy and productive then kudos to you for a job well done!

The timing of this "holiday" seems off, with all the sexual abuse allegations against the very famous movie boss, Harvey Weinstein.  Actress Alyssa Milano is encouraging everyone who has been abused or harassed to post "Me Too" on their social media accounts.  I love when people get mobilized like this.  It's a powerful way to raise awareness on an issue that is so common yet seldom talked about.  A problem that's often reported; but not always acknowledged.

I support all my sisters (and brothers) who are speaking out against sexual assault and harassment.  But although I'd love to be part of a movement which hopefully will turn the tide of this bad behavior; I can't honestly write "Me Too."

I've never been victimized by a boss, or co-worker for that matter.  I am grateful that my career path has been full of generally supportive, respectful managers.  It seems I'm in the minority.  Friend after friend after friend is posting "Me Too" on my Facebook.  Twitter is full of famous and non-famous people using "#MeToo.   Clearly this bad behavior is pervasive, so it's great that victims' voices are starting to be heard.

My wish is that this trending topic will lead to positive changes in the entertainment industry and in all workplaces!

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