It's World Kindness Day so I've decided to blog about kindness.  It's such a wonderful thing.  And it is contagious!  Yet don't you encounter a lot of grumpiness and stress each day?  If  we could all set out to do some random acts of kindness today, that might help chase away the blues on this dreary Monday.

I'm thinking about recent ways I've been the recipient of kindness.  A friend introduced me to a producer who has hired me to do a voiceover.  Someone let me get in front of him in the the supermarket line because I only had two items.  Someone else helped me carry a box that was just a bit too big for me to manage by myself.  Take a minute to think about nice things people have recently done for you.  Are you smiling now?  Good!

Now think about what you've done for others lately?  I helped a friend unpack so she could feel settled in her new home.  I did shopping for another friend who hates the big box stores.  And I walked the dog of a friend who just had surgery.  See?  You've probably come up with similar acts of kindness that you've done for others.  Doesn't it feel good?

If you want to participate in World Kindness Day by doing some good deeds, but aren't sure what to do, click here..  It's a short list of easy "pay it forward" things you can do today while you're working.

If you want to use the Comments section to thank someone who has been kind to you, please do!  Or if you have suggestions about other acts of kindness, please share!


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