Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals' Day, otherwise known as "Office Superhero" Day. That's a nickname I give to all the front desk and back office folks who keep things running smoothly.

Some of my first jobs were receptionist jobs.  I saw first hand how stressful it can be handling...well, basically everything!  Switchboards, mailings, schedules, deliveries, and rude people.  But on the plus side, the days went by fast because they were so busy.

If you're an Administrative Professional, do you like the variety of tasks so the workday goes quickly? Do you like helping people?  Do you like being "in the know" about everything?   In the Comments section, please tell us what you like MOST about your job.  And if you want to vent, go ahead and post what you like LEAST about it.

To those of you "Office Superheroes"...thanks for keeping everything running smoothly.  I hope you enjoy your special day tomorrow.




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