You Can Adopt These Adorable Cats Today At The Monmouth County SPCA
I recently showed you the Monmouth County SPCA Dogs, now let's do cats! Right now is the best time to adopt! The next three months will be filled with wonderful moments. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are lined up and ready to go! Now is the perfect opportunity to welcome or add a friendly feline to your family. It really would be a special way to wrap up 2021.
This Health Scare Put Things Back in Perspective
I'm spending a lot more quality time with my dog these days. I realized that I'm often so busy working and running around that she's not really getting the best part of me. She's getting what's leftover after long, hectic days. That's really not fair to her so I'm using this health scare to get me back to being a more attentive doggie parent.
Is It Normal To Talk To Ocean County’s Pets?
It struck my friend as funny that before we left the house I told my dog where I was going first, and then where I would head next, and then where I'd be having dinner, and then the time I expected to be back home.  I told her I do this all the time...
Bring Your Dog To Work Day: Pros and Cons
Today is Bring Your Dog To Work Day.  It's a relatively new thing that is catching on.  Apparently Millennials LOVE having their pets with them as they work and a lot of workplaces are allowing them.  If you're allergic or afraid of dogs, stay with me...
Strange and Funny Pet Behaviors In Ocean County
Did you see the video clip of the beagle who got distracted during her agility competition?  Poor Mia.  She didn't win the show but DID win a lot of hearts.  Everyone, except maybe the judges, could understand that she was just being a dog...

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