I just saw the cutest photo on Facebook.  My cousin, who swore he would NEVER get a dog, was seen snuggling with the pup that he reluctantly got for his kids.  They both looked happy and content so clearly the dog has won him over.  The moral of the story?  Never say never!

With tomorrow being "Clear The Shelters Day," I want to encourage you to consider adopting.  Maybe today you can talk with other dog owners or fosters, and get a sense of what's really involved with having a canine in the house.  They can tell you about the costs, and the poop pickups and the shedding.  But I bet they'll also tell you all the wonderful aspects of rescuing a dog:   They are loyal, loving companions.  They will give you a better, more excited greeting when you get home than your own kids.  They can help you get more exercise with their need for walks and playtime.  And if you get a goofy and/or musical (howling)  dog like my Taylor, he or she can provide hours of entertainment!

In these unsettled times with some scary stuff in the news, it's really nice to have a dog around for comfort.  And to remind you to stop and smell the roses.

Research has shown that having a dog around can lower your stress level, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Let's put together a list of great reasons to adopt a dog.  What's one thing YOU love about having a pooch?

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