When your pet comes into your life, the last thing you think about is how they leave the world. When you are asked what your plans are, you usually brush the question off because it is too hard to bear.

Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to a dog that was put into my life at a very young age when I was dealing with a major seizure disorder that later turned into epilepsy. Max, who was not a registered support animal, was that and so much more.

He helped me through so much — including taking medicine. It was much easier for an 11-year-old to take medication if your dog was also taking medicine, too.

Max was there for the good times and the bad times.

The medicine that the doctors prescribed me ended my seizures, but it took a toll on my mental health at a very young age. A once outgoing boy became introverted. So Max being in my life helped me cope with the school's stresses and the social anxiety aspect of making friends. It might sound weird, but up until high school, Max was the only real friend that I had.

The medicine also put me in a horrible state of anxiety and depression, so much so that I would lie about illnesses to not go to school and stay in bed all day. Max would be right there, at the foot of my bed, while playing a video game that my mom definitely didn't want me playing.

You watch movies like "A Dog's Life" or "Marley and Me," and they try to explain the significance a dog can have on your life, but until you have a dog, like Max — you will never honestly know the gift of having a furry friend.

Love you, Max.

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