I have to revisit something about that story of the engagement ring which grew around a carrot in Canada.  Several articles I read on that topic mentioned how when the woman initially lost her ring (while weeding,) she didn’t tell her husband.  Instead, she went out and bought a replacement ring and he never noticed the original went missing!

So let’s hear about a time when you “pulled the wool over someone’s eyes” and got away with it.  Have you ever purchased a replacement for something you accidentally lost or broke?  Parents, did you ever replace a goldfish or other pet with a lookalike so you wouldn’t have to tell the kids that the original one died?  And on a sort of related topic, did any of you twins ever pretend to be the other person so you could take a test, go on a date, etc.?

Assuming the Statute of Limitations has passed on all these actions ;-) it might be fun to read everyone’s stories.  Please share in the Comments section below.

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