When times are tough, I look for the lessons.  What am I supposed to learn or improve as a result of whatever hardship is going on?  I got some potentially bad news from my dog's doctor a couple weeks ago.  Her annual check up showed some stuff that required further testing.  And then those results required an ultrasound of her abdomen.  Thankfully, her liver and kidney seem to be okay but there's still some stuff going on that needs to be looked at.  Our next trip will be to an internal medicine vet.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm spending a lot more quality time with my dog these days.  I realized that I'm often so busy working and running around that she's not really getting the best part of me.  She's getting what's leftover after long, hectic days.  That's really not fair to her so I'm using this health scare to get me back to being a more attentive doggie parent.

Similar to how we try to be really present with the special humans in our lives, I'm reminded to give Taylor proper time and attention too.  We are never promised tomorrow so I'm making sure that all the rest of her days with me are filled with love and quality time.

What's your favorite thing to do with your pet?

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