It’s that time of year when we give presents to our loved ones.  And since we all love our dogs and cats, it makes sense that we’d want to have something under the tree for them.

There are so many neat options for pet people.  Have you seen this gadget that lets you see and throw treats at your pet?  It's called Pawbo.  I'm kind of intrigued!

I'm choosing a very low-tech gift for my dog this year.  I purchased a new rubber toy that make her "work" to get to the treats inside.  Without another dog in the house, it’s a good way to keep Taylor occupied and entertained.   The toy is similar to one she got last year.  She enjoys pawing it, making it roll and bounce, and then finally getting her snout inside the hole where the treat is kept.

Will you get a Christmas president for your fur-baby this year?


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