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Here in New Jersey we are continued to practice self quarantine and safe social distancing during the Coronavirus Crisis 2020.

As the weeks continue to pile up, it becomes increasing difficult to come up with new ideas to keep the family distracted at home.

USA Today  has put together a list of "things to do in quarantine" and we thought we would share some ideas and we hope you will share some of yours also.

  • Hand write actual letters, yes on paper, to your friends and family
  • Look at pictures of puppies (cute alert)
  • Have some long hair? Learn how to braid hair on YouTube
  • Put on a Soap Opera, mute the sound, then come up with your own dialogue
  • Reorganize your Tupperware section and match those containers and lids
  • Try on your Spring clothes and weed out the "eh" outfits

Here is a project Mary from Point Pleasant sent me this past weekend... nice job

Mary Cusumano Devaney
Mary Cusumano Devaney
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