Because of my pal Justin Louis, I've got seashells on my mind.  Did you read his awesome blog post about how you can determine the names of the shells you've collected?

Is your collection just sitting in a jar or shoebox somewhere?  Did you ever consider incorporating them into your home's decor?  I want to share a link to a site which may inspire you to put your shells to good use.  (Not that displaying them in a jar isn't a good use.  I just mean that these photos might help you spread that shell love around your house.  Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for these simple DIY ideas for Easy Seashell Crafts.

Have you made any of these?  Or something similar?  I really like the simple decorated vase and the hanging shell wall art.  Think you might try any of these?  What do you usually do with the shells you and your kids have collected?

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