Summer is not off to a great start when it comes to the weather and the extended forecast is not promising.  As a matter of fact there is at least a 25% chance of rain every day over the next two weeks according to and no stretch of consecutive sunny days throughout that period.  Obviously we could use the rain but not like this and the only good thing is that high temperatures will be 75-84 degrees so it won’t be uncomfortable.  I say this with the knowledge that forecasting weather days and weeks in advance is by no means a sure thing so let’s hope this pattern ends sooner than later.

Brick Beach III
Might be a while before we see a day like this (Jen Ursillo, Townsquare Media NJ)

It’s always interesting to me how the daily routine changes for so many once the school year comes to a close.  Alarms are no longer set, there’s no rush to get the kids dressed, lunches made and out of the house for the school bus.  However for many families in which both Mom and Dad work the routine can be even more daunting with babysitters, camp and other arrangements that need to be made. In those cases parents are already looking forward to when their kids go back to school in September.

Many are celebrating a milestone that came with the end of the school year.  As happens every year there were a host of teachers, administrators and support staff who retired after many years of service.  They have impacted the lives of countless students in a positive manner and here’s wishing them all the best as they enter a very different phase which hopefully they’ll enjoy.  I’ve really never met an unhappy retiree so I’m sure all will be good.

The playing of pomp and circumstance is over as high school graduation ceremonies concluded this week throughout the shore area.  Here’s wishing the class of 2023 all the best.

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