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This is episode three of season one of ”Still Words” a photography blog where I describe the photos that are highlighted with a little background and where the photos were taken, if I remember all of the details lol sometimes it’s just a theme of the shot.

This time around all the photos are of ”people” with an emphasis on ”music”. In fact we see two instruments you may not be familiar with. One is the flugelhorn  which to me appears to be a trumpet on steroids, but not to be confused with a French Horn.

The other instrument is an Erhu  which is an intriguing instrument that is sort of like a standing bass played with a bow. Check out several ”erhu” players I encountered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Other musical instruments I was able to photograph included guitar, saxophone, violin,  and clarinet. There were several instances in which I was able to get great up close photos on national acts while playing here at the Jersey Shore. Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick at Wingstock 2006 with our sister station 105.7 the Hawk. Collective Soul performing at Toms River Fest’ and The Alarm at an intimate performance at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park.

Enjoy the video and photos and join us for the next episode of ”Still Words” because I always have the camera close by to capture life around us.

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