If you love live music and you love seeing lots of music performed by local artists then you need to be a part of a fantastic event happening Saturday, March 30th in Southern Ocean County. It's "Tuckerton Porchfest 2024". It happens on Saturday!


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So what is porchfest? It is what it says, it's a music festival on various "porches" around the town. Cute concept to have local musicians perform on a "porch" setting. Here is a look at the official lineup for all the entertainment. There are several stages or "porches" that will host performances. Here are the locations for tomorrow's performances in Tuckerton

  • The Union Market & Gallery Stage
  • The Lizzie Rose Music Room
  • Lady Magpies Tea & Curiosities 
  • Wasserman Residence 149 E. Main Street
  • The Seaport Tattoo Parlour
  • Tuckerton Seaport


38 different performers are taking place at 6 different venues (I hope I got the math right lol you know how radio folks are with math! lol) throughout the day plus emcees and artists at each location. Times range from 11 am to 7 pm.




Sponsors: SOUP CAN Magazine, Stuck Up Sticker Company, Mystic Sk8 Company, Kohr Soft Ice Cream, The Old Causeway Steak & Oyster House, Bird & Betty's, Mud City Crab House, The Wright Law Firm.


"Get ready for Tuckertons first Porchfest! Porchfest is a walkable music festival where neighbors offer up their front porches as DIY concert venues. Talented local performers play rotating sets throughout the neighborhood during this day-long celebration of music, art, and our wonderful community."


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