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This is episode three of season one of ”Still Words” a photography blog where I describe the photos that are highlighted with a little background and where the photos were taken, if I remember all of the details lol sometimes it’s just a theme of the shot.
Is It Time For A Kindness Revolution?
As I was grabbing my lunch from the office refrigerator, a coworker was sitting in the kitchen by herself watching an all-news channel on TV, and she said something that I think is brilliant - she said that we need "a kindness revolution".
Do You Hold Doors For People?
As I was walking in to a local convenience store just a few minutes ago, a man was walking in only a few steps in front of me. Rather than looking over his shoulder to see if anyone was behind him, he let the door close right in my face.
“What Would You Do”
I was watching Oprah's OWN Television Network yesterday and I thought this was very interesting and surprising.  It was the show "What Would You Do?"