Check Out This Weeks Pet Of The Week

Guess who is ready to start meeting some potential families? Aslan! This angel has been through so much and is finally ready to get himself the best home ever. Aslan is a 2 year old pit bull that they assisted in rescuing from a miserable existence. Aslan was a bait dog for a dog fighter. He was in terrible condition when he came in, but with lots of good medical care and lots of TLC from our staff, he is now a happy, healthy, beautiful, well adjusted dog that loves people and that is hoping for the chance at being a member of a family that will love him forever. Aslan has put his terrible past behind him and is now very outgoing, friendly, playful and lovable. He is so thrilled to be with people that treat him with kindness and respect and he treats people the same way. He is gentle and loving, and just wants to be a puppy. Although he probably never had much training, Aslan is very well behaved. He is energetic and needs some work with walking on a leash, but he is smart and a fast learner. Aslan will need to be an only pet, but he will love you forever if you give him the wonderful home that he's never had.

Please give their beautiful miracle Aslan .... the best life ever!

File#22737 8/10/13