Meet this week's "Pet of the Week" with Shawn & Sue in cooperation with our friends at the Popcorn Park Zoo.

Chevron and Zig Zag are just the sweetest, silliest little ladies, and they would love it if you would adopt them both together! They are just 12 weeks old and the little ones were born to a mom that was feral, but was cared for a local resident that brought her inside to have her kittens. Mom was spayed and released and the little ones are friendly, lovable, and ready to go home. Zig Zag, a calico, has elbow dysplasia. She can get around perfectly fine but she will need a home with carpet and not spend a lot of time on hard flooring. She will need joint supplements indefinitely but she does not let her disability hold her back at all. She has a blast playing with her siblings and they all just love people so much.

Chevron, a torti, and Zig Zag are extremely close and would love a home where they can stay together forever.

File # 28477/78 9/5/18


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