Check out Shawn and Sue's latest "pet rescue" with "Squirrel and Sparkles" .... this week's Pet of the Week with the Popcorn Park Zoo/Associated Humane Society

Squirrel and Sparkles are two gorgeous young bunnies that are so deserving of a fresh start in life. They are a little over a year old and the girls were surrendered by someone that could no longer care for them. They were living in filthy conditions in an uncovered cage outside, so they are quite happy to be safe and cared for now. You would think the girls could care less for humans after the way they were treated, but that is not at all the case.

They are very friendly and sweet, and they enjoy making new friends. They are very close with one another and look to each other for comfort and support, so they will need a home where they can stay together forever. If you're a bunny-savvy family that can give the girls the best life ever, come in and meet Squirrel and Sparkles!

For More Information Call (609) 693-1900 ..... File# 28519/20 




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