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We have been active from it's beginning with the Zzak G Applaud Our Kids Foundation, a local organization that helps kids afford classes in the arts....including dance, music and acting etc.

Many kids have benefited from their help and the Zzak G Applaud Our Kids Foundation continues to make a difference in children's lives here at the Jersey Shore.

One of their big fundraisers is their "Step into the Spotlight Soiree" and it is coming up in the fall. This fundraiser features local artists performing before a panel of professional judges. Great Showcase of local talent and for a great cause.


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The folks from Zzak G are currently looking for those who would like to be a part of this fantastic event and talent show. Are you over 21 ? Do you sing, dance, act or play a musical instrument? If so then why not send an audition video and be a part of this fabulous night.

Audition videos are due by Saturday, August 15th. Send your audition videos and contact information to jodi@applaudourkids.org 

Sue and I were at last years event and it was fantastic with so many talented folks taking part. If you are interested become involved.

How to Apply for a Scholarship:

Please email melissa@applaudourkids.org to receive an application form or if you have any questions.

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