Let's face it.  Here in New Jersey, we can be pretty snobbish when it comes to our sandwiches.

I've lived in several different states, and I can tell you that in my experience, New Jersey is the only state where people can argue over the correct way to identify a sandwich.  Is it a "sub" or is it a "hoagie?" Heck, we even argue over the name of meats.

Is it "pork roll," or is it "Taylor Ham?"  How about this:  Is it "Capicola," or "Gobagool?"

Trust me, they don't have these deep questions elsewhere.

If nothing else, those of us in Jersey know a good sandwich when we taste one, regardless of what we call it.

Therefore, it's not much of a surprise that a recent article about the best sandwich chains in the country, put a Jersey-based sandwich chain, right near the top of the list.

New Jersey based sandwich chain Jersey Mike's was ranked third on their list of top sandwich chains.  The Jersey Mike's story is one that goes back to a little shop in Point Pleasant in 1956.

Jersey Mike's became a favorite of vacationers to the Jersey Shore and it was that success that inspired them to franchise their concept.  Today, they're found throughout the US and abroad.

What makes them special?  They stand out for freshness.  They slice the meat while you wait.  It's not pre-packaged like some places.  They bake their bread right there in the store, and who doesn't like fresh bread?  Load it up with oil, and vinegar, add some Italian seasoning and you're on your way.

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