MONEY UPDATE: Wages Fall In New Jersey!💲

We are into the second quarter of 2024 and it looks like your paycheck may be on the decrease here in the Garden State according to the latest reports. How was your first quarter? was it good or were you looking for an increase in money for the second quarter? according to a recent Patch article "Wages Fall In More Than Half Of NJ Counties, New Data Shows". The story


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In the Patch article they stated positive news despite a dip in wages, "While New Jersey remains near the top of the list of U.S. states with the highest average salaries, residents in 13 of the 15 largest counties in the state saw wages drop last year, according to new federal data." 



What Counties Saw The Largest Decrease In Wages In New Jersey?

Here is a list of the TOP 5 counties that saw the largest dip in wages in the Garden State: (Bureau of Labor Statistics

  1. Monmouth County: -2.9%
  2. Union County: -2.7%
  3. Burlington County: -2.1%
  4. Essex County: -2%
  5. Ocean County: -1.2%


What New Jersey counties saw an increase in wages: (BLS)

  1. Mercer County: +3.1%
  2. Middlesex County: +.04%


How are you feeling at home? Have you seen a dip in your monthly earnings? Are monthly bills on the upswing? Things like the cost of food, transportation, and taxes? Are those three items rising while watching the paycheck go in the opposite direction? Hopefully, this is not a trend that will last long and should be a big topic with upcoming elections both in New Jersey and around the Nation. Let us know your thoughts, post your comments below.





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