I have to take issue with this article.

They list "the unique regional sandwiches" found in each of the 50 states and Washington, DC.

Some are dead on. The lobster roll is definitely associated with Maine, and one of the musts when you visit Chicago is to grab an Italian beef sandwich.

But for New Jersey, they went with the Italian sub.


I mean, don't get me wrong, Italian subs are great, and there are plenty of quality sub shops that you can grab some excellent cold cuts at, but I don't automatically think of The Garden State when I think of an Italian sub.

Now pork roll, egg, and cheese, that's a different story.

Most people outside of New Jersey don't even know what pork roll is. So when I think of a pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich, I automatically think Jersey.

So, sorry Zagat, but you totally missed the mark on The Garden State's signature sandwich.

At least in my opinion, what do you think?