When I wrote about Wawa's upcoming "Hoagiefest" about two weeks ago, I was a little surprised at the responses.

The bulk of the comments that we got weren't excitement about Wawa's annual celebration of oblong sandwiches, but were mostly focused on their choice of name.

"They are called subs. Not hoagies" said one commenter.

"Hoagie? Do they know where they are?" said another.

And they have a good point. "Hoagie" is a pretty localized name for the sandwiches, specifically the greater Philadelphia area, according to travel and food site Thrillist.

And there are even more names for the sandwich.

I'll never forget, when I first got to college in New England and someone said that they wanted to go out for "grinders" and I had no idea whatsoever what they were hungry for.

So here's your chance to weigh in! What's the right name? Vote below and let your voice be heard!


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