I know, YOU agree with me.

What is going on with Route 9? I knew there was pipework up and down Route 9 for a while, but the patch job is just horrible. This is something I get emails about daily here at the radio station and I have to agree because I drive it daily. All-day I'm driving up and down Route 9 and trying to swerve around the large, horrible patch job. Why would they leave a road like that knowing it's so difficult to navigate?

The Route 9 corridor is just horrible starting in Beachwood and going south to Lacey Township. The whole road is completely choppy all because of last summer's pipeline work up and down that stretch. I just know many cars' steering will be all messed up because of the road conditions.

Route 9 is a state road, so the best way to contact someone is through NJDOT.  Click here to contact NJDOT.

Word is, that they are not done yet. But, it's been months since I've seen them working on it. How can they just leave the road like that and not come back for months? When I say it's horrible, it's horrible. My tire gets stuck in the large, patched up, uneven ruts all the time.

After this stormy mess we're having, I can't even imagine what the road will look like.

I'd love to see what you have to say about this. What are your opinions on the condition of Route 9?

I'm not the only one that sees the total mess and I feel it every time I drive it. And for us that live in the area of Bayville, Beachwood, Ocean Gate, Pine Beach, Lanoka Harbor, and Forked River - Route 9 is what we have to drive every single day. It's ridiculous.

Repair Route 9 for us, please. Repave it or do something!

Sue Moll
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