As we head into this second week of March 2019, it's time to close the door on Round 1 of WOBM's 4th Annual Mascot Madness and unveil our head to head matchups for Round 2!

Matchup 1 - Donovan Catholic Griffins (1) vs. Lacey Lions (8)

This year we introduced the WOBM app-exclusive bonus vote, which the Lacey Lions can thank for squeezing them into the top 8 by only 4 votes, congratulations!

So, the Lacey Lions will take on the Donovan Catholic Griffins, who claimed the #1 seed by a huge margin. It wasn't even close. You have a big hill to climb if you intend to interrupt the Griffins' momentum, Lions.

Matchup 2 - Toms River South Indians (2) vs. Brick Township Green Dragons (7)

The Brick Township Green Dragons may still be feeling the sting of being stampeded by the Brick Memorial Mustangs in last fall's School Spirit competition, so here's your chance for revenge.

Fair warning, though, it'll be against the 2017 Mascot Madness champions, with a face-off against the Toms River South Indians.

Matchup 3 - Toms River North Mariners (3) vs. Southern Regional Rams (6)

The reigning 2018 Mascot Madness champion Toms River North Mariners claim the #3 seed in this year's competition and will face off against another mascot who made the quarterfinals thanks to app bonus votes.

The Southern Regional Rams wouldn't have made it to Round 2 if it wasn't for supporters voting on the WOBM app-only bonus poll. But those supporters came out with enough force to not only push them into the matchup with the defending champions, but to secure the 6th seed, too.

Matchup 4 - Toms River East Raiders (4) vs. Central Regional Golden Eagles (5)

In 2017, the Central Regional community showed that they shouldn't be taken lightly, as they propelled the 7th seeded Golden Eagles to an upset over the 2nd seeded Donovan Catholic Griffins in that year's semifinals.

This year, the Golden Eagles take the 5th position as they face off against the winners of 2016's inaugural Mascot Madness competition, the Toms River East Raiders. Can the Golden Eagles pull off another upset?

So, there you have it, folks, your 2019 Ocean County Mascot Madness quarterfinalists!

We're going to do the same thing that we did for the first round, too, with a bonus vote exclusively on the free WOBM app.

As always, you can vote once a day right here. Plus, you can also vote once a day on the WOBM app, just look for the "MM Bonus Vote" tag on the app. Voting goes until next Monday (March 18th) at 12 Noon!


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