After a week of voting, I can announce the 10 Ocean County schools that have made it into the finals for our annual campaign to find the local school with the most school spirit!

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We started with the 18 Ocean County high schools and saw brisk voting all week long, especially between the top two finishers, with Manchester Township and Toms River South trading 1st and 2nd place literally all week long.

They finished with literally only single digit vote differences.

We also got a strong showing from the other Toms River high schools, with both East and North in the top 4.

Lacey Township got a good number of votes out of the gate, but faded as the week wore on.

So, we had to trim the list almost in half, with 8 Ocean County high schools now watching from the sidelines.

Here's how the voting shook out for round one:

Ocean County School Spirit round 1
Ocean County School Spirit round 1

You can see that the voting for the top 4 carried those schools into this final round, while others just snuck into the finals.

But, as we kick off this next round, it all gets reset.

As of right now, it doesn't matter how your school did in the first round, the slates are wiped clean and it's anybody's game.

Actually, it's your game!

It's up to you now to get the word out and get everybody you know to vote for the school that you think has the most school spirit in Ocean County!

Remember, voting is open right now exclusively on our 92.7 WOBM app, so be sure that you have it, if you don't, you can download it right now, and get those votes in!

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