It's the year 2022...and people are still behaving this way?

Being kind is one of the first lessons we learn growing up, but it's amazing how some people seemed to have missed the boat on that one.

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How many times have you seen a viral post with someone being hurtful to one another? They're disappointing to see, but it hits differently when it happens so close to home.  It's even worse.

You never know what someone is going through just by looking at them.  I've witnessed experiences where friends and relatives of mine have been accused of not having a disability just because they "look normal."

It's even happened to me before.  In the past, I've suffered from excruciating chronic pelvic pain; simple things like sitting were unbearable.  And if I had to use the bathroom, I had to go immediately, otherwise, I would be hurting even more.  One day there was a long bathroom line and someone allowed a pregnant woman to cut the entire line.  While I understood the gesture, I involuntarily winced in pain, and was told there was "I don't understand what she's going through."  While they were right, in a way, they didn't understand my pain.  Because on the outside, I looked fine.

Someone posted about a similar interaction in the Barnegat Township Chatter Facebook Group. It made my blood boil, and I know yours will too.

A woman shared a story about how she legally parked in a handicapped spot at ShopRite in Waretown because of her pain.  To her surprise, a disgusting note was left on her car when she came out.

Before I share the picture of the note with permission from the woman, I want to say that we need to do better.  "Hurt people hurt people" is a cliche we always hear, and I think it rings true in this case.  I hope whoever wrote that note is healing from whatever sadness prompted them to write such a judgemental message.

Credit: Ann Marie Blazovic via Facebook
Credit: Ann Marie Blazovic via Facebook

I hope we can all do better than this.  Judging others is hurtful - it leads to sadness, shame, and anxiety.  I'm sure people would gladly give up their handicapped placards in return for living a "normal" life.  Let's be more understanding of one another.

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