good deed

Ocean County Workers Doing Good Deeds on this World Kindness Day
It's World Kindness Day so I've decided to blog about kindness. It's such a wonderful thing. And it is contagious! Yet don't you encounter a lot of grumpiness and stress each day? If we could all set out to do some random acts of kindness today, that might help chase away the blues on this dreary Monday.
Good Deed Gone Wrong?
My good intentions turned into an awkward situation so I’m wondering how you would have handled it. While in line at Rita’s, I saw the cashier tell the boy in front of me the cost of his water ice. He was $0.96 short so explained he was going to have to go to the car and ask his mother for the additional money...
Random Acts Of Kindness
This morning I heard that it's Random Acts of Kindness Day so I decided to do some research and write a blog post about ways to recognize such an occasion.  But then I saw some conflicting information.  Some are celebrating this week.  Some celebrated last week...