Fill in the blank, what is Ocean Count most excited for _______ when the pandemic is over. We have to stay positive, we will get through this, together.


I try so hard to stay positive but this just never ends. Hope is what we have to believe in. So, let's think of some positive things we'll be excited for when the pandemic is over, well at least under control.

I hear from so many listeners writing me saying that they are excited to get back to what is "normal" to them. I see listeners in the grocery store and it makes me so sad because I usually give them a big bear hug. I just can't do that right now and right now is when we all need a giant hug.

I'm so excited to see my Mom and give her a hug. It's been almost a year. I took it for granted that I could just walk into Mom's house and visit with her like I used to do. All the times I visited her, never thinking this would happen. I can't wait to call her and say, "Mom, I'm coming."

It's the times with family, neighbors, and those weekly night outs to different restaurants, well that has all changed. We usually order in for dinner unless we find an outdoor dining restaurant that's warm enough.

Several co-workers told me they're excited for family gatherings, game nights with friends, going to the movie theater, shopping with out a mask, and so many more.

Rose from Barnegat wrote, "Sue, I'm excited for all the festivals we have at the Shore."

Tom and Genie from Toms River wrote, "We're excited to take Mom and Dad on a vacation, again."

Lizzy from Freehold wrote, "I'm most excited not to be so scared of Covid-19."

Joey from Ocean Gate wrote, "I'm most excited to not wear a mask."

These are just a couple of the emails I received saying what you're excited for when the pandemic is over. I received a lot the last couple of months.

Fill in the blank...Ocean County Is Most Excited For ___________ When the Pandemic is Over.

Sue Moll
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