There are many "lists" that we read about online. Lists that name the best burgers, fastest pizza delivery, best cup of decaf, and best place to sleep on the beach. Now obviously I'm being a bit sarcastic, but my point is this is a serious and valid ranking that we should take time to take in so we know what the state of our schools are here in the Garden State.


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One of the first responsibilities we have for our young people is to give them a good education, one that will give them the real skills to thrive in our changing world. Education comes in many packages for students and each child thrives in ways they gravitate to. This is why a balanced and well-balanced education is crucial for children here in America. So how does New Jersey rank in "education"?


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New Jersey lands second in the list of the states with the best school systems, according to a new study.

"Educational resource site Teach Simple gathered data from sources including the National Center for Education Statistics to analyze factors like bullying rate, academic performance, and pupil-to-teacher ratio. Each factor was awarded a score of 10 to determine the ranking."


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I would say that it's great news for our kids when we see that New Jersey has the 2nd best school system in America. By the way, in the survey New Jersey was 1st in the Nation for education for K-12, so that's even better news wrapped into this study. Jersey was #1 Pre-K-12 and the Garden State was ranked #29 in Higher Education according to U.S. News and World Report.


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According to the survey by Teach Simple, "New Jersey places second on the list, taking a score of 69.19. New Jersey scored 10 in multiple categories; the average score in Grade 8 being 269.78 for reading and 175.33 for writing, the rate of students possessing firearms being just 0.43%, and the public expenditure on student support, food services, and transportation at $3,625 per pupil."


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So how do you feel about "education" here in New Jersey? Are you happy with our classrooms? Do you think we have a strong well-rounded approach to education? Post your comments below and share your thoughts. We always love getting YOUR input :)


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