You probably thought I was gone and this segment had been eliminated but I’m happy to say that is not the case.  You may remember that when we last spoke I told you I was going to have a second hip replacement surgery and I did some 2 ½ weeks ago.  Unfortunately the one of my left hip has not recovered as quickly as the right hip replacement I had done back in November.

It appears everything went fine but I’ve had more pain which is likely due to increased swelling and the fact I have neuropathy in my lower left leg and foot.  Thank goodness for my recliner because that’s where I sit, eat, sleep and basically live.  I am even more thankful for my wife Jane because she is a full-time caretaker and I’m probably not the best patient.

While I still use the walker when I am outside I can pretty much walk on my own in the house and am making progress…just a little slower than I had expected.  The good news is my fifth surgery in 30 months is over and I am certainly hoping some of my ailments are behind me.

I have been watching a lot of TV and there is no better time if you’re a NY Rangers and NY Knicks fan so that’s been a nice diversion to fill my days and nights.  Certainly hoping my recovery goes hand in hand with sunny and warmer days.

Well it was good to catch up with you and I hope you’ll join me on Fridays in the weeks to come.  Special thanks to our sponsor as the guys and girls at the Causeway Family of Dealerships have been awesome.

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