Monday (8/20) is National Radio Day and I thought I'd share my "TOP 5" radio highlights during my career. It is obviously, after thirty plus years, hard to figure out my five fondest memories but I'll try. Let me say that Radio has been a fantastic career and I have been blessed to do something I love for three decades now.

Monday is #nationalradioday and here's a few Radio nuggets:

  • Guglielmo Marconi: an Italian inventor, proved the feasibility of radio communication. He sent and received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895.
  • The first radio news program was broadcast on August 31, 1920 on the station 8MK in Detroit; owned by The Detroit News, the station covered local election results.
  • 1920 the first commercial radio station in the United States, KDKA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • WOBM FM first broadcast March 1, 1968.

Like anything, things change ..... so possible this list may change in the years to come, but for now here's the top five. Keep in mind "highlights" doesn't mean "fun" or "happy" events always, just ones that stand out!


  1. Being on the air September 11th 2001. It was a day like no other I've been a part of on live radio. The World, the United States and New Jersey were changed forever as the attack began during the later part of our morning Show that Tuesday. 9-11 is a day I will never forget.
  2. Hurricane Sandy October 29th 2012. Sue and I stayed on the air for almost 24 hours, taking some breaks to rest. Through the night as the storm pounded the Jersey Shore, we took calls from listeners and provided information. Radio was basically the only media available as cable, internet and cell phones were affected and power remained out. Many listened in with their portable radios.
  3. Covering the Presidential visit to New Jersey by then President Bill Clinton. February 17th 1994. I was able to cover the President and be part of the White House Press Staff. It was a visit to Middlesex Community College by the President and First Lady to push for support for healthcare reform. I still have my White House credentials.
  4. The Making Miracles Radiothon. For over a decade now we have worked with Children's Miracle Network and Children's Specialized Hospital to raise money to help ill children. We have raised over six figures to help the kids. It's been a pleasure helping and we have stayed on the air for many hours to help the cause. It's been our fundraising highlight during my time doing the show with Sue.
  5. My first college radio show. October, 1983 my first time on the air ever! Our College radio station "WITB" on the Salem College campus .... West Virginia. I remember I got the stations name wrong the first break I did .... instead of "your listening to WITB" I blurted out "your W I T best" lol Learned some great skills and information during my time in the broadcasting department at Salem College. Stu Godfrey and Venita Zinn were great teachers and I learned a lot.

There are my top five highlights, hopefully you enjoy Radio and 92.7 WOBM and I look forward to many more memories and highlights in the years to come.

Here is one of our interview "highlights" when the legendary Maya Angelou joined us on the Morning Show in 2007





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