Radio History

Shawn Michaels Top Five Radio Highlights
Like anything, things change ..... so possible this list may change in the years to come, but for now here's the top five. Keep in mind "highlights" doesn't mean "fun" or "happy" events always, just ones that stand out!
Check Out WOBM's New Look
You may have noticed a change to WOBM today. As we get closer to our golden anniversary as Ocean County's Hometown Station, we've also evolved over the years to reflect our community. And today, we've unveiled a new look.
Walk Down WOBM's Memory Lane [Gallery]
As you may know, today, March 1st, is 92.7 WOBM's 48th anniversary. We first signed on the air on March 1st, 1968, and have served as Ocean County's Hometown Station ever since. As I was doing some research on the history of WOBM, I came across a treasure trove of our past.
Did You Know - What Does WOBM Stand For?
Have you ever wondered if the names of radio stations have any meanings? It's one of those topics that many of us just never stopped to think about. But did you know that a lot of radio stations, us included, actually do have meaning behind their names?