It's true, every year I love my tropicals in my backyard.

They make me so happy when I sit in my backyard. All these tropical plants you can bring inside when it gets cold in New Jersey. I usually bring them in sometimes close to November.

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If you can't move to Florida you can still enjoy these plants here in New Jersey. They are all available at our local home stores and pretty much anywhere plants and flowers are sold. Some of these tropicals, I've only been able to find in the Home Depot or Lowe's.

Sue's Top 10 Tropical Plants for her Summer Paradise

You will feel like you're sitting in the middle of an island in your own backyard. It's about making our own paradise. For me, a summer paradise means tropical plants and flowers.

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The hibiscus flower is my favorite. Every day a new hibiscus flower blooms throughout summer. I like the hibiscus trees, bushes, and single flowers. They all look beautiful. There are several colors from pink, red, salmon, yellow, and more. The yellow ones are simply gorgeous if you can find them. The orange (salmon) ones are the most popular. I love them all.

The ferns that look like "real" palm trees come at a lot of different prices. Some are cheaper and some are more expensive. But, trust me, you will love to have one or 20. They're a lot of fun and you will feel like you're sitting in a tropical paradise right in your backyard. And don't forget about the flamingos.

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