Lacey School Superintendent Sandra Brower is reportedly being sued by three former Wall Township School District staffers for wrongful termination.

According to, the employees allege that Brower either demoted or fired them when she was an Assistant School Superintendent in the Wall School District, because they knew about her alleged attempts to cover up a sex abuse case.

The case centers around sexual assault accusations in 2009 against a former teacher who was accused of fondling a 4-year-old special needs student but the teacher was eventually cleared of wrong doing. However, the Monmouth County Prosecutors charged Brower with failing to notify authorities. Brower has pleaded not guilty in the case.

The lawsuit was filed on July 10th in State Superior Court in Monmouth County by former Wall Assistant SuperintendentTina Gordon and two Confidential Secretaries Virginia Pagnoni and Stephanie Ham. It also names former Wall Superintendent James Habel as a defendant in the cse.

Brower is suspended without pay from the Lacey Township School District and recently learned that the Lacey District will not be renewing her contract when it expires in 2016.