I've told you before about shopping site woot.com's famous "Bag of Crap". In fact, we even opened one together a couple of months ago. Well, today I was lucky enough to get another "BoC" and dove right in.

As a refresher, here's how it works - you don't know when a Bag of Crap is going to go up for sale on woot.com. They pop up unexpectedly and usually sell out just as quickly. It's $5 and $5 shipping. So, for $10, you get a mystery box. It could be filled with true crap - misprinted notepads, off-brand ziploc bags, and broken promotional items (all of which I've gotten). Or, you could be one of the lucky few who score something great, like Bluetooth speakers or even a laptop.

I was pretty excited this time around, the shipping information showed that my box was heavier than usual. I just tore into it a few minutes ago. Watch: