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I am not sure how I started thinking about this, may have been driving through Silverton. I remember going to my Grandparents house in Toms River, they lived in Holiday City in Silverton....Hovsons Blvd. Nice development and we enjoyed going over there to stay and visit. Their street had a lake or lagoon along it, I was small so it seemed like a lake.  We would go over to their place for sleepovers. Always enjoyed our time there.

Now as far as this mystery, I need listeners help in finding information out on a shop that doesn't exist, I think, anymore in Toms River. My Grandparents  would buy this soda and I am trying to figure out what it was?

The soda came in single serving glass bottles in a ”milk crate” style carrier. I think the put the bottles in this to transport and you’d return the empty crate when you were done with the soda.....along with the empty bottles.

I am pretty sure this soda came in flavors like cola, cream, root beer and maybe a few fruit flavors like orange, grape, cherry etc. It was always good and takes you back to times of milk and bread delivery.

So does anyone remember a place in the Silverton section of Toms River that sold bottled soda in crates? Do you possibly remember the business that sold it and what was the name of the soda? I would love to figure this mystery out.

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