Guess What I Paid For This

How To Get What You Want From Customer Service
With a whole lot of people shopping today as Amazon's "Prime Day" has grown to become a shopper's delight on par with Black Friday, we can be sure that in addition to the joy of catching a deal, plenty of people will also have buyer's remorse.
High Tech Snow Removal
As the first storm of the year ended up dumping up to 9" of snow in some parts of Ocean County, you may have had enterprising folks with shovels knocking on your door. Or maybe not. It seems like that practice may be a thing of the past.
Back To School Already?
Obviously we play commercials for a lot of different businesses promoting their stores, products, and sales here at the radio station. But there was one in particular that stuck out to me over a week ago - a commercial for a back to school sale.
Parking Prices Have Gone Down In Seaside Park
You may have noticed that the few remaining parking meters in Seaside Park have been replaced by numbered spots and electronic kiosks. This is good news for two reasons - you won't have to worry about carrying quarters with you this summer, and the hourly price of parking has gone down.

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