Despite the state starting to reopen from Coronavirus related closures, there is a lot of pent-up anger out there that I happened to witness boil over in the parking lot of a busy supermarket in Ocean County between two middle-aged men. 

I don't know about you — but when I am in tense situations, I start to laugh. It's not because I want to laugh, but for some reason, it is a psychological reactance that I had since I was a young boy. 

The incident in question happened on Saturday afternoon in the sweltering heat at the Shoprite on Atlantic City Boulevard in Bayville. 

A man with a cart filled to the brim walked out of the store and across the street, as he was walking across the road in the parking lot — the second man, in a black truck, honked his horn because the man was (I assume) taking too much time to get across the road. 

The man walking across the street then gave the middle finger to the man in the truck. This prompted the man in the truck to jump out and start screaming expletives. 

So — here I am: laughing. Uncontrollably. Not because I want to, but because it's just who I am as a person. 

The two men got extremely close to each other — no social distancing whatsoever and started screaming at each other until the guy who jumped out on the truck randomly screamed, "YOUR MASK IS ON BACKWARDS!" 

"What?!" The other man muttered. 

"Your mask is on backward! That's not safe!" The other man said in a challenging voice. 

The other man took his mask off and flipped it around. They then got into a small conversation, laughed, shook hands, and then walked away. 

This was the coolest thing that I have ever witnessed. Because of a mask that was put on wrong, these two men (who were extremely angry at each other) were able to set aside their differences and shake hands. 

I think, in this challenging time, it just goes to show that even though two people were fighting over something that they were somewhat passionate about — the health of each-other is above what they were fighting about; so much so that they stopped the fight to help one another — I love that!

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