Up until now we've only been able to watch the progress on the Huddy Park renovations as they move closer to the official celebrations for Toms River's 250th birthday next month.

With one of the best views in Toms River, I've been able to watch all of the work going on right across the street; from the groundbreaking almost a year ago, to the installation of some of the new features (like the larger than life Revolutionary soldiers that you see in the photo above), the whole project has literally been going on right outside my office window.

In fact, it was thanks to gazing outside a little while ago that I saw trucks out on Water Street to collect the fencing that has been around Huddy Park for many months.

So while the official 250th celebrations are still a number of weeks away, you can now wander through Huddy Park to check out what they've been up to this past year!


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